Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kindergarten Graduation

The kiddos graduated kindergarten last night and boy was it an experience.

The kiddos were excited and loved having on their caps and gowns. I have to say, it was pretty adorable seeing a bunch of kindergarteners all dressed up. Plus, the way they were asking to take pictures with each other, you would think they were never going to see each other ever again.

Now, their school has graduation down to a science. It's an event planners dream. Everyone has a ticket, you form a line, you present said ticket, proceed to the cafeteria, select a row and park your happy behind. Simple, right? Good God, no. "What do you mean EVERYONE needs a ticket?" Um, you filled out the form to get the ones you have in your hand, right? And this was before graduation even started....

We actually had close seats, not that it mattered. The kiddos processed in to Pomp and Circumstance, naturally, and were just beaming. The classes all sang a couple of songs, too. I did not see my children sing because of this...

Scott was off to the side (like a polite normal person) and took some photos.  OH! I almost forgot. A fight broke out prior to the graduation starting. Yes, a fight broke out at a kindergarten graduation. It was two rows in front of us off to the side. Apparently one family was slightly blocking another family's view. This resulted in several f-bombs, a bird flipping and other obscenities. Kudos to the assistant principals for handling this. 

Anyway...After the songs they received their diplomas, sang two more songs and then processed back out. Now, at this point the principal reminded everyone that only ONE member of the family was the pick up the child and everyone else could wait elsewhere. Seeing how well everyone was already listening, I knew this would be an issue. 
Have I mentioned that I hate crowds?

I had to ask people to move so I could pick up my child. Seriously. Then, Aaron's teacher had to push him through the crowd to me. Unreal. I sent Scott in for Jill. I just couldn't deal.

The kiddos had a wonderful time and we are beyond proud of them! They cannot wait to start first grade and make all new memories!

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Anonymous said...

Go kiddos! They're adorable :)

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