Sunday, June 22, 2014

What My Family Ate for Dinner - Week 16

Another week in the books and I'm still in a recipe funk. I'm going to go ahead and blame it on the heat.

Here's what my family ate for dinner this week!

Sunday, June 15: Happy Father's Day! Scott and the kiddos went for a fun filled day of swimming and BBQ at his parent's house, while I soothed an upset stomach with toast. It was every bit as exciting as it sounds.

Monday, June 16: Chicken stir fry. I originally just had chicken teriyaki on the menu and Scott transformed it into chicken stir fry. It was super yummy and gave us plenty for leftovers.

Tuesday, June 17: Breakfast for dinner! Seriously, is there anything better than pancakes and turkey bacon for dinner? I mean, real bacon would make it better, but ya know. Aaron boycotted this meal because he did not think it was a real dinner. Tell me that again in 20 years kid.

Wednesday, June 18: Marinated pork chops. I shared this recipe a few weeks ago and we loved it so much we had to have it again this week. I marinated them longer and it made a HUGE difference. If you can marinate them overnight.

Thursday, June 19: "Hey, this weather sucks, let's just order pizza." "Okay."

Friday, June 20: Scott and I were supposed to have a date night, but an incident kept him at work. Thank goodness for leftover pizza.

Saturday, June 21: Chicken Marsala with parmesan orzo and zucchini. Yum! One of my favorite cookbooks is Rocco Dispirito's Now Eat This! series. He takes lots of your favorite foods and slashes calories and fat from them. Perfection.

I hope you enjoy these and I hope my funk ends this week. Fingers crossed!

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