Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Review: Sofia the First: The Enchanted Feast DVD

We are HUGE Sofia fans in this house, so when the opportunity arose to review the latest DVD, I jumped at the chance! Here's some quick info on the DVD:

There's more than meets the eye when you join Sofia the First for this royally scrumptious adventure! All the monarchs from Enchancia's neighboring kingdoms have come to watch a dazzling display of magic: First, Cedric will conjure up a fabulous feast. Next, he'll transform the banquet room into a hall of amazing ''morpho-mirrors.'' But before the fun begins, wicked Miss Nettle (disguised as ''Sascha the Sorceress'') crashes the party with a scheme to steal Sofia's magical amulet. Can Sofia foil the bad fairy's plan before it's too late? Perhaps . . . with help from Snow White, who reminds her it's important to trust your instincts.

There are 5 episodes on the DVD including: The Enchanted Feast, The Buttercups, Tea for Too Many, Great Aunt-Venture and Two Princesses and a Baby. I am well versed in all of these episodes. I have to say though, the recent favorite in our house has been Tea for Too Many since we went to the afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian. 

The DVD is pretty fantastic and Jill's copy came with a mirror (just like the Enchanted Feast!) which was right up her alley! Aside, from the obvious natural love of Sofia (I mean, she is a girl from the village who was doing all right after all) I love the lessons that it teaches. I often find myself referencing episodes of Sofia to the kids and it helps drive the lesson home.

Sofia the First: The Enchanted DVD is available now in stores and at the Disney Store online

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