Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lake Nona Half Marathon

On Sunday I completed my 6th half marathon. Never in a million years did I think that phrase would come out of my mouth. I ran with my wonderful running buddy and best friend, Michelle. Scott was supposed to join us, but sadly, he was called in to work that day.

This was inaugural year for the Lake Nona half marathon and it was an amazing race! The weather was chilly at the start, but perfect during the main portion of the race. The course was flat (minus running over the overpass) and basically the opposite of the races we run on our side of town.

Michelle and I went in to the race hoping to finish in 3:15, it would be a PR for both of us. A few miles in to the race, we paired up with the 3 hour pacer and stayed with her.

There were a lot of people on the route cheering us on and the best part? There were water/gatorade stops every other mile. Boom!

Around mile 11 I knew we were going to come in under the 3 hour mark. Well...I knew I was going to come in under the 3 hour mark. Michelle started getting a calf cramp around that point and we had to separate. I also lost the pacer at this point too because she was ahead of pace.

I knew I had to push as hard as I could in the last 2.1 miles. I really wanted to come in around the 2:50 mark and I was going to run as fast as my tired legs could go. I ended up coming in at 2:54:13. My time from Princess was 3:18. Talk about an improvement! I could not wait to ring the PR bell at the finish. I was in total shock, and quite honestly, still am. Michelle coasted in around the 3 hour mark and earned her own bell ringing!

I cannot wait to run this race again next year! It was such a great experience with a wonderful event team!

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