Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"It was touch and go for a while, we could have been trapped for hours"

We went with the whole Lyons crew today (yup that would make us a party of 10) to Magic Kingdom to do some research for our post on how to take multiples to Disney. And let me just start by saying I think they knew this because the craziest things happened to us.

Let's start with our arrival, shall we? We got there, hopped on the monorail (or as Miss Lily calls it, the rail rail) and headed to the Kingdom. As we go to get into the park Scott realizes that he has his 2009 Maingate, not 2010, so he had to go to guest relations to print out some of his comp tickets.

After we all got in we headed straight for Fantasyland to hit up all the rides and have some lunch. We pretty much took up an entire side of the room for lunch. After lunch we went to Tomorrowland and took turns going on Space Mountain. Ploy went first, then the guys and then Lani and myself. Here's where it gets fun, stay with me. We fly through the line because of the magic of the rider switch pass, get on the ride, go flying through (it was awesome) get to the end and then....the ride stops. I kid you not, it just stops and they start playing this announcement that you need to stay seated until a host or hostess can assist you. Say what? Then the lights turned on and there we were sitting literally 15 feet from the exit stuck on a rocketship. We thought this was pretty funny, but then it got better, and made Lani wish she had gone to the bathroom before we went on the ride. The host and hostesses come to get us off the ride, but there's a problem, Lani is over the stairs, not the platform, and I'm right on the edge of the platform and stairs. Because of this they have to call....wait for it....the fire department to get the two of us off the ride. I AM SO SERIOUS! By this point we have tears pouring down our face from laughing and Lani is trying to convince the cast members that she is Spiderwoman and can totally scale this ride and promises not to tell, just don't call the fire department. They said no, we had to be taken out by the firemen. Because of how we're sitting the other people in our car had to wait until we could get off the ride. So then we are thinking gosh it would be nice if we got Reedy Creeks finest (if you know what I mean), instead we got their umm...most seasoned. It was hard to get off the ride because of the laughing, but it went something like this: Ma'am go ahead and sit your butt here, swing your legs over and we'll help you down. Sigh...'twas hilarious. We then received an ovation upon our exit since we were the last ones evacuated. We laughed all the way to the rest of the group and pretty much the rest of the night, and even now.

After our touch and go experience on Space Mountain we watched the parade and headed out for some more rides. We took the kids on the train, and I think it was my kiddos first time, they all loved it! Plus all the kids were giving each other high fives and "huggies".

For our last stop we went to see the Princesses back in Toon Town and only waited like 10 minutes, which is unheard of. My kiddos decided to be super shy, but Lani's seemed to really warm up to them, especially Belle who had a lot of spunk.

It was a great day and I cannot wait to share the post with everyone on Multiples and More this Saturday! Hope you had a great day too!


monica said...

What an awesome trip! And can't wait for the blog post on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a ton of fun! Isn't that hilarious that firemen had to come get you down!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Hilarious - of course you didn't get their finest - that's probably reserved for Universal Studios or such. Can't wait to read more on Saturday!

Souza Sisters said...

Can't wait to read your post on Saturday!! We are going to Disney in Nov/Dec with our twins!! I know I have said this before but reading your blog makes me so excited!! And a little jealous:)

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

OMG! how funny! I can just picture the two of you laughing & crying!
Great pictures and I can not wait to the see the Multiples and More article as we are planning a trip there soon!

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