Friday, September 3, 2010

You mean it's not 100 degrees outside?!

The weather is actually pretty nice out right now, low 90s mild humidity, so we've been able to spend more than 15 minutes outside at a time.

While in the backyard the other night Aaron spent some quality time with his favorite part of the backyard, the pepper plant (or as he says the pep-parrrrrrrrrrrrrr).

I have no idea why we have toys in the backyard, clearly all we need is a pep-parrrrrrrrrrr plant and the kid will be happy.

Jill on the other hand could live in her swing. She'll get out for about 5 minutes to play with the ball or go down the slide but then she's right back in the swing.

I'm really hoping the weather stays like this, I'm so over the heat it's not even funny. I firmly believe this year has been the hottest summer, then again I say that every year at this time.


Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Hi. Stopping by from SITS. Cute blog. I'm following you now.

The Bormann Family said...

stopping by from mommy bloggers. My boys are about the same age as your twins. October 08.

Have a great day.

Old School/New School Mom said...

I love how he says that the pepper is stuck! That's Ari's favorite thing to say too!

Kristen @ said...

It is actually feeling really nice out here now in Tennessee. Well, at least today it is as the past two months it has been almost impossible to even be outside!!

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