Sunday, June 30, 2013

(Rainy) Day at SeaWorld

The kiddos had the biggest surprise of their life on Friday afternoon. Their Uncle Bob and Aunt Vanessa surprised them at school and told them they would be spending the night with them. 

They spent the afternoon playing in the camper, riding rides at Old Town and feeding deer.

Aaron watched Jill and Bob feed the deer from the golf cart. I don't blame him.

Scott and I were able to go on a date, but it was cut short when Aaron had an exorcist moment and vomited all over Vanessa, himself and Vanessa's purse.  When we picked him up he seemed to be doing better and just had an upset stomach. 

Aaron stayed home with us for the night and Jill had a sleepover with Bob and Vanessa. 

We met them the next morning and went to SeaWorld. We thought the weather was going to be decent, but quickly discovered it would be a soggy day.  It didn't stop us from checking out as much as possible. This was what we saw the majority of the day:

It's like we weren't even there. 

Like I said, we were caught in the rain most of the day. This is what Scott and I thought of it:

Aside from the rain, it was an awesome day. I know all of us slept in today until almost 9 a.m., which never happens. Like ever.

Thanks for the awesome day Bob and Vanessa!

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