Saturday, September 3, 2016

Goofy Training - Week 10: The One With the Clown and Frog

We are in full on marathon training at this point and for some reason I remember it being easy last year. Maybe it was because I was scared of how hard it was and worried I wouldn't be able to do. Now that I know I can do it I may not be trying as hard.

Anyway, we were in a holding pattern last night because we weren't totally sure what the weather was going to do. After having Scott consult all of the weather sources the decision was made that we were good to go for the morning (even though sleeping in sounded way more appealing).

It was literally pitch black out this morning and I remember it being brighter the last time we met that early. So what does Michelle bring us as we are running in the dark? Oh, just that clown that has been hiding in the woods in South Carolina....

So now I'm running in the dark worrying about a creepy clown jumping out of the woods. Then we hear people talking and we don't see anyone. 

It's got to be a clown... a creepy going to murder us clown...

Nope, just some ROTC guys running cadences and showing off that they can do this and not sound totally out of breath. 

Can I be real with you? When I first heard them I had that crazy pivot move ready to run the other way. Then when I realized what it was I was all, "Yeah, I think that was a run interval..."

Let's see what else happened...I almost stepped on a frog, I'm pretty sure we both spilled 60% of our water down the front of our shirts (okay, maybe that was just me) and I'm sure there were other things that I just can't remember right now.

While it was not our fastest or best run (hey cramping at mile 9.5, great to see you too), we got our miles in and are pushing forward.

Week 10 of training is in the books...Goofy here we come!

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